June 29, 2024

50. Don’t mess with Italian mosquitos

More games in this warmer summer episode of New Game Old Flame! Today we have: Rikki & Vikki for the Atari 7800, Diced Tournament for the MSX, and Rocky & Co. for the Commodore 64. But - as per tradition - it’s not all game talk.

Bass guitar practice app are harder to find than you think, and staying organised seems to be something out of any of our reach. We also touch on the absurd prices of gaming accessories but hey, someone out there is funding these high-tech time machines! Get into the vibe with more Atari news and a brand new game engine for the Amiga!

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  • Rikki and Vikki
    9.99 USD
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    Developed by PenguinNet for the Atari 7800, this single-screen platformer puzzle game puts players in control of two foxes, Rikki and Vikki, on a mission to rescue their kidnapped children from the Misery Dragon. The game starts with a charming cutscene styled after Looney Tunes, setting the stage for the adventure. Each level requires players to collect three keys to progress, with the option to play as either fox, differentiated by hat color but identical in gameplay. The graphics are impressive for the Atari 7800, adding depth to the engaging puzzles. Rikki & Vikki‘s combination of platforming and strategic key collection creates a really great game that is visually appealing. Its high-quality graphics stand out, and the incredible puzzles are complemented by the two player option that adds variety. Nonetheless, the gameplay is VERY HARD and can become repetitive.

  • Diced Tournament
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    A Yahtzee-like dice game developed by Mi-Chi & DefDanny, players are drawn into a world of strategic dice rolling. This game, which requires only 8 kilobits of RAM and runs on MSX generation one, invites players to engage in multiple rounds of dice rolling against computer opponents. Each round allows for up to two rerolls of five dice, emphasizing both chance and strategic decision-making. The game’s tutorial is comprehensive, guiding players through the nuances of Yahtzee’s rules and strategies. The balance of luck and calculated risk in Diced Tournament offers a refreshing take on classic dice games, making it a notable entry from the MSX Dev 22 competition. On the plus side, its low RAM requirement makes it accessible on older hardware, and the tutorial aids new players effectively. However, it is limited to single-player against computer opponents, and the gameplay might feel repetitive over time.

  • Rocky and Co.
    4.99 USD
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    This puzzle platformer for the Commodore 64, developed by Trevor Storey, Stuart Collier, and Saul Cross, and published by Psytronik, follows Rocky Memphis on his quest to find the fabled golden condor before his nemesis, Russo Baluch, does. Players must navigate single-screen puzzle areas, each requiring unique solutions to advance. The graphics are detailed, featuring varied palettes and intricate designs, reminiscent of A Pig Quest. The game’s music, composed by Saul Cross, adds to its adventurous atmosphere. Rocky and Co.’s combination of platforming and puzzle-solving, along with its vibrant visual and audio presentation, makes it a standout title for the C64. The game shines with its detailed and vibrant graphics and varied, challenging puzzles. However, the instant death and precision required, could be frustrating for some players.