May 18, 2024

46. Karma scalping

In this episode hosts Diego and Andy, joined by Sean Robinson, wade through a soup of gaming chatter and more! They discuss Diego's Finnish Labour Day celebrations with homemade Sima and Munkki doughnuts, Sean's sketch comedy performances in DC, and his beta testing of the homebrew game Super Sunny World. Andy shares his excitement about the new Mister console.

The gaming highlights include Sam's Journey for the NES, Room 5 for the MSX, Fork Parker's Crunch Out for the SNES, and Little Medusa from Mega Cat Studios. The episode also touches on retro gaming projects and concludes with news on new Atari hardware and tributes to recently passed figures in gaming and anime.

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  • Room 5
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    Room 5 is an escape room-themed puzzle game for the MSX platform. Players find themselves in a series of rooms, each presenting unique puzzles to unlock the exit door. Early levels introduce basic mechanics, such as finding keys or interacting with objects like cupboards and lamps. As the game progresses, puzzles become more complex, requiring a combination of actions and precise timing to solve.
    The narrative unfolds through choices made by answering questions via different doors, leading to multiple possible endings. The game’s charm lies in its clever puzzle design and the nostalgic feel of classic escape room challenges. Players must think critically and experiment with the environment to advance, making for an engaging and mentally stimulating experience.

  • Little Medusa
    49.99 ~ 59.99 USD
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    Little Medusa is a puzzle arcade game with a mythology twist. Players assume the role of Artemis, transformed into a Medusa by the evil goddess Fiora. The game spans 50 levels across five elemental-themed regions, where the objective is to collect stars scattered throughout each stage. To navigate the puzzles, players must turn enemies into stone and kick them to create paths over obstacles like water and ice.

    Each level is a contained puzzle requiring players to strategically petrify enemies to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. The gameplay is enriched by diverse enemy behaviors and the necessity to build bridges and pathways creatively. The addition of boss fights at the end of each region adds variety, challenging players to use their wits and stone-creating powers in more dynamic scenarios.

  • Fork Parker's Crunch Out
    39.99 USD
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    This is a management simulation game for the SNES, developed by Devolver Digital and Mega Cat Studios. The game addresses the crunch culture in the video game industry, with players assuming the role of CEO Fork Parker. The objective is to manage a game development studio, ensuring employees stay productive and healthy during crunch time.

    Gameplay involves balancing various tasks such as providing coffee, food, and motivational support to employees, while keeping an eye on their stress levels. Mini-games like fixing the internet or shooting down drones add variety but can be disruptive due to their unskippable nature. The game combines satirical humor with a critical look at industry practices, wrapped in a charming retro aesthetic.