February 10, 2024

39. Focus: Astebros

Sega Megadrive

In this focus episode Wiedo and Andy are joined by Youtuber St1ka to talk about a small gem for the Sega Megadrive: Astebros by Neofid Studios.

We briefly touch on portugese shopping and snacks before committing to as many details as we possibly can about this incredibly crafted and creative platforming game, that is so much more than meets the eye!

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  • NGOF Award winner Astebros
    17.99 - 149.99 Eur
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    In the vast expanse of indie gaming, few titles manage to shine brightly enough to catch the eye of the discerning gamer. Astebros, developed by the talented team at Neofid Studios, is one such luminary. This title has captivated the hearts of retro enthusiasts and modern players alike, offering a unique blend of rogue-lite mechanics, exquisite graphics, and deep, engaging gameplay.

    Gameplay Mechanics
    Astebros stands out in the rogue-lite genre through its clever integration of procedural generation with hand-crafted design elements. This approach ensures that each playthrough remains both fresh and intricately designed, offering new challenges and discoveries with every life. Players can choose from multiple characters, each boasting unique abilities that cater to different playstyles. From the nimble wizard to the sturdy knight, character selection is pivotal to mastering the game’s challenges.

    The crafting and item system adds another layer of depth, encouraging players to gather materials and schematics to forge powerful weapons and gear. This mechanic not only enriches the gameplay but also adds a strategic element, as players must decide how best to utilize their resources.

    However, true to its rogue-lite roots this game does not shy away from punishing failure. Death in the game means losing your hard-earned inventory, though not all progress is lost. You can also fight to loose as little inventory as possible by mashing buttons. This fun and creative way to implement the rogue genre is fair and pushes players to learn, adapt, and improve with each attempt without becoming overly frustrating.

    Visuals and Animation
    The incredible graphical prowess and animation quality of Astebros are one of the stapleholds of this game. Each level, enemy, and boss is crafted with meticulous detail, bringing the game’s universe to life. Special effects and parallax scrolling further enhance the visual spectacle, creating immersive and dynamic environments that are a pleasure to explore.

    The game’s bosses, in particular, are a highlight. These formidable adversaries are not only a challenge to overcome but also a feast for the eyes, each designed with creativity and flair that underscore the developers’ commitment to quality and innovation.

    An incredible journey worth taking
    Despite the accolades, Astebros may not be for everyone. Its learning curve – albeit it being not overly steep – and reliance on procedural generation might be daunting for new players. The game’s rogue-lite elements, while rewarding, can sometimes lead to moments of frustration due to the inherent randomness of the genre.
    Popping out just in front of an enemy to get hit is not fun.

    Nevertheless, Astebros is a shining example of indie gaming done right. It combines enticing gameplay, beautiful graphics, and innovative mechanics into a package that is both engaging and rewarding. For those willing to embark on this journey, Astebros promises a universe filled with adventure, discovery, and, most importantly, fun.

    In conclusion, “Astebros” by Neofid Studios is a must-play for fans of the rogue-lite genre and indie games. Its blend of procedural and hand-crafted design, combined with deep mechanics and stunning visuals, makes it a standout title in the indie space. The game’s ability to challenge and reward players in equal measure ensures that each journey through its cosmic realms is as thrilling as the last.