December 9, 2023
35. NES Dev compo 2023
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As Diego follows the Open AI dram of the past weeks, Wiedo receives his first NES and Megadrive and we all prepare for Christmas.

This time we all pick the 3 games each they like most from the entries submitted at the NES Dev Compo 2023: Color Match Combat, Desert Escape!, Miroh Jr., Little Sisyphus, Echoes of the Unread, Super Strife, Fish, Proximity shift and Mosh lift all make it in this packed episode.

We also touch on Shantae Advance, Chouyoku Senki Estique and we find out not all Famicom controllers are round!

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  • Proximity Shift (NES)
    Warp your ship across walls in this action-puzzle game
  • Miroh Jr. (NES)
    a co-op, cutesy arcade mash-up
  • Mosh Lift (NES)
    Name your own price
    Mosh Lift is a tower climbing game
  • Color Match Combat (NES)
    A competitive tile-matching puzzle game
  • FISH (NES)
    Monochrome platfomer
  • Desert Escape! (NES)
    An arcade-style platformer
  • Little Sisyphus (NES)
    Name your own price
    Physics-based Platformer

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