September 16, 2023

30. Sauna beans

We're back from the holidays and we have a lot to talk about! Heroes against Demons (Sega Master System), News Stand, Metal Warrior Ultra (Commodore 64), Banger management (ZX Spectrum) and Taco Princess Moon (SNES) are some of the games we played.We also talk about some Danish liquorice candy, lots of hardware improvements and Wiedo's new job; Diego explains which are the perfect tortilla fillings and Andy delves into some Diablo 4 thoughts; all this and lots more!

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  • Heroes against Demons
    59.00 EUR
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    This Master System game is a refreshing blend of puzzle and RPG elements, crafted by Ichigo Bankai. It takes the addictive tile-matching gameplay familiar to fans of Candy Crush and Bejeweled and layers it with strategic depth. Players choose from three heroes, each with unique abilities, to battle demons by matching symbols for attacks, defenses, and special powers. Upgrades and health recovery between stages add a tactical layer, encouraging thoughtful planning and strategy.
    Despite its good gameplay and vibrant graphics, the game’s lack of a multiplayer option is a missed opportunity, particularly given the high barrier to entry for the Game Gear version’s multiplayer feature. Nevertheless, Heroes Against Demons stands out for its clever integration of genres, providing a satisfying and strategically rich experience that both puzzle enthusiasts and retro gamers will appreciate.

  • NewsStand

    In this Commodore 64 game players navigate through levels to buy game tapes from a newsstand, engaging in platforming and puzzle-solving. Gameplay involves finding money hidden in levels, avoiding enemies like competitive kids and environmental obstacles, and using items such as an umbrella for both defense and solving puzzles. Levels become increasingly complex, introducing moving platforms, traps, and strategic item use to access new areas or complete tasks.
    Newsstand also features a limited number of lives, adding a level of tension to the gameplay. Success in the game depends on the player’s ability to quickly adapt to new puzzles and obstacles while managing the risk of enemy encounters. Strategic thinking is rewarded, especially in later levels where the correct use of items and understanding of the game’s mechanics become crucial.

  • Metal Warrior Ultra
    9.99 - 50.00 EUR
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    In this medley of platforming, adventure, and tactical gameplay, the player controls Ian, a guitarist navigating a city fraught with danger, including thugs and hostile policemen, to uncover a deeper story involving his band and the loss of a friend. Metal Warrior Ultra boasts extensive dialogue options that allow for varied interactions, significantly influencing the storyline’s progression within a detailed narrative framework.
    Gameplay involves combat with a range of weapons, each with limited ammo, necessitating careful management and strategic use against different enemy types. The game offers a progression system where players can enhance their character’s abilities across different stats like marksmanship and hand-to-hand combat through experience gained in combat and exploration. Key to the gameplay is the exploration of diverse locations, including urban settings and forests, where players solve puzzles, find hidden items, and navigate complex environments to advance the story. Metal Warrior Ultra combines action and story-driven elements, challenging players with its combat system, rich narrative, and the need for strategic planning and exploration.

  • Banger Management
    Name your own price
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    Do you like Lemmings? Do you like food with legs? This game is for you! In Banger Management you direct food items with legs, like sausages and boiled eggs, to fulfill orders. Gameplay involves using a fire button to bump into these characters, making them drop fish or other required ingredients, which then must be guided to an exit matching the customer’s order displayed on the screen.
    The levels are slightly larger than a single screen, panning around as the player moves, with the aim to collect enough fish to fuel a spaceship for level progression.
    The game introduces complexity through the food items turning aggressive once bumped, requiring the player to strategically place arrows on the ground to redirect these characters upwards or sideways, avoiding or leading them to their destination. Success is measured by correctly matching the order before a timer runs out or managing not to lose collected fish to the pursuing food items.
    Banger Management combines fast-paced action with strategic puzzle elements, demanding quick thinking and precise control to manage the chaotic kitchen environment.

  • Taco princess from the moon (Neko Tako)
    9.00 USD
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    In this SNES title, the player’s objective is to collect fish from cats to power a spaceship for level advancement. The game challenges players with environments that extend beyond a single screen view, requiring thoughtful exploration and strategic maneuvering. By interacting with cats using a bump mechanic, players cause these feline characters to drop their fish, which are necessary for completing the level. However, this action also agitates the cats, making them turn red and pursue the player more aggressively.
    As players navigate through the levels, they must carefully manage these encounters, ensuring they collect the required fish while avoiding or outmaneuvering the now hostile cats.
    The game intensifies as players work to gather the right combination of fish before a timer runs out, all while dodging the relentless cats that threaten to reclaim their fish or hinder the player’s progress.