June 3, 2023

24. Little cloud nozzles

It’s a sunny day today and we are joined by Skittles to discuss his game Repugnant Bounty for Gameboy Color and many other topics including our beloved snacks, Zelda and more. Other games include Zeta Wing 2 for Commodore 64 and Tactus (NES)! My mind is blown as I discover Antonio Savona has been in a fighting movie and the virtual boy is a standalone console. We have some buff Goku and Vegeta too!

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  • Repugnant Bounty
    15.00 USD
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    Developed with an emphasis on exploration and narrative depth, Repugnant Bounty immerses players in a world filled with secrets and lore. The game, set on a desolate planet, tasks players with unraveling the mystery of a catastrophic event that left only one survivor. This journey is facilitated by engaging mechanics that allow for the collection of items and abilities, essential for progression through the game’s challenging environments. The creator’s narrative approach, characterized by a blend of direct storytelling and environmental clues, invites players into a richly woven tale. This, combined with intuitive gameplay, ensures a captivating experience from start to finish, showcasing the potential of narrative-driven game design.

  • Zeta Wing 2
    4.99 USD
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    Zeta Wing 2 elevates the Commodore 64 shoot-em-up experience, building on its predecessor with refined enemy patterns, boss battles, and gameplay enhancements. Notable for its technical achievements, including smooth scrolling and effective color palette use, it demonstrates Sarah Jane Avery’s command of the C64 hardware. The game introduces strategic elements like manual and automatic bomb deployment, alongside an automatic weapon upgrade system that rewards player progression. Despite feeling more like an upgrade than a wholly new sequel due to its similarities with the first game, its technical prowess ensures smooth performance amidst heavy on-screen action, with notable color palette use.

  • Tactus
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    This rhythm-based dungeon crawler, inspired by Crypt of the Necrodancer, introduces a refreshing challenge to the NES game library. Players explore ruins, engage in combat, and maneuver through rooms by moving to the beat of the game’s music. With a changing layout and enemy placement in each playthrough, the game emphasizes strategic movement and attack patterns aligned with the rhythm. Despite its limited number of levels and a single music track due to the constraints of its development for a competition, Tactus offers a compelling blend of rhythm and adventure gameplay elements.