April 15, 2023

22. Banana is the reference

Backlog anxiety starts to creep on us as we explore this episode’s round of games: Hime’s Quest (Gameboy Color), Alter Ego (Sega Megadrive), Star Evil (NES) and Cecconoid (Amiga)!

Lots of hardware updates, the art of game design, and the Italian ban on ChatGPT also make it in this episode together with loads more!

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  • Hime's Quest
    Free ~ 44.99 USD
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    Hime’s Quest, developed by Poppy Works and based on the Crunchyroll Hime mascot, is a delightful Game Boy Color game that transports players back to the golden era of handheld gaming. This adventure RPG cleverly blends the nostalgic appeal of classic Zelda titles with the modern charm of Crunchyroll’s beloved character, offering a unique and engaging gameplay experience. As players guide Hime through a beautifully pixelated world, they encounter a mix of puzzles, exploration, and combat that is both familiar and fresh.

    The game stands out for its charming visuals, which faithfully recreate the Game Boy Color’s aesthetic, and its narrative-driven approach, which adds depth to the adventure. While its difficulty level may be on the easier side, reducing the challenge for veteran players, Hime’s Quest remains an accessible and enjoyable experience for all. Its physical edition, a treat for collectors, alongside the digital version, ensures that fans can enjoy this nostalgic journey in their preferred format. Overall, Hime’s Quest is a heartwarming nod to the past that still feels perfectly at home in the present, making it a must-play for fans of the genre and newcomers alike.

  • Alter Ego

    Alter Ego, a puzzle-platformer with a rich lineage spanning across various platforms from the ZX Spectrum in 2011 to modern consoles, represents a pinnacle of strategic and engaging gameplay. Developed by Retro Souls, known for their distinctive style and technical prowess, this game stands out with its innovative mechanic: players navigate levels by swapping places with an “alter ego,” a phantom twin that mirrors movements and can traverse obstacles and adversaries untouched. This unique gameplay element not only differentiates “Alter Ego” from traditional platformers but also injects a fresh layer of strategic depth, making each level a delightful puzzle to solve. The game’s ability to introduce new challenges and surprises maintains a consistently engaging and rewarding experience, encouraging players to think creatively to progress.

    Praised for its simplicity and ingenuity, Alter Ego captivates with its straightforward yet brilliantly executed concept. The game’s history of adaptations and the remastered version underscore its enduring appeal and the developer’s dedication to delivering high-quality gaming experiences. Available on a pay what you want basis on itch.io, Alter Ego is accessible to a broad audience, inviting players to immerse themselves in its cleverly designed levels and master the art of strategic swapping.

    This game is a testament to Retro Souls’ commitment to fun, unexpected, and thoroughly enjoyable gameplay, making it a must-play for fans of puzzle-platformers seeking a game that challenges both their reflexes and their intellect.

  • Star Evil
    | Get it here

    A standout title on the NES that redefines what a game can be with its unconventional gameplay. Labelled as very, very, very weird it offers a delightful mix of confusion and innovation right from the start, challenging players to rethink their approach to gaming. This game intriguingly hints at a narrative where the true adventure begins as it seemingly ends, inviting players into a loop of unexpected twists and original gameplay mechanics.

    Highly recommended for its originality, Star Evil is praised for being a compact, free experience that’s rich in surprises. Described as a “fun glitchy mess” it’s a game that constantly surprises with its inventive design. For those in search of an unparalleled NES experience that blends creativity with a touch of madness, this game is an absolute must-play. It’s a vivid reminder of how innovation can turn the familiar into something utterly extraordinary.

  • Cecconoid
    14.99 ~ 44.99 GBP
    | Get it here

    Cecconoid is an Amiga port by Hoffman of the omonimous Triple Eh? Ltd game now available on Steam and itch.io, it captivates with its homage to the classic games Cybernoid and Robotron through its two modes, Cecconoid and Yugatron. This space exploration adventure challenges players to navigate a vast, intricate map, facing enemies and overcoming obstacles screen by screen to reach their ultimate goal. The game’s distinctive black, white, and red graphics not only set a striking visual tone but also enhance the gameplay with vivid particle effects, contributing to its unique aesthetic appeal.

    The game strikes a perfect balance between challenge and accessibility, praised for its polished gameplay and strategic depth. Players must skillfully manage upgrades obtained from shooting enemies and carefully choose their paths through the game’s diverse levels. Cecconoid is highlighted for its engaging design and execution, making it a must-play for enthusiasts of action and exploration games. Additionally, its inclusion in various itch.io bundles means many may already own it, awaiting discovery. Cecconoid is a brilliantly executed title that offers a nod to retro gaming while delivering a fresh and engaging experience for today’s players.