April 1, 2023

21. Pac to the future

Love peanuts and games? This whopping episode is for you!
 Join the crew together with Mark (Kitt) and developer Kyle Thomson while we explore the depths of Jessie Jaeger in Cleopatra's Curse (PC ENGINE) to save our grandpa! We also look at Supercooked (SNES), Hero core (Gameboy Advance), and Vectorblade (Vectrex) after coming to know Wiedo has a dishwasher that has more functions than a swiss knife! This and much much more awaits inside!

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  • Hero Core

    HeroCore transports players into a stark, monochromatic world where exploration meets intense combat. As Flip Hero, a robot turned against its former master, you navigate a sprawling environment filled with enemies and obstacles, using a jetpack to traverse the game’s various screens. The gameplay blends Metroidvania elements with shoot-’em-up mechanics, requiring players to defeat bosses and gain new abilities, unlocking previously inaccessible areas. Players can find and activate ten secret computers for an alternate ending, adding depth to the exploration.

    The gameplay is designed to encourage experimentation with different strategies, as players can approach the main boss at any time, though preparation is key to success. Save points double as warp points, allowing for efficient backtracking and exploration. The chiptune soundtrack adds a dynamic layer, making each moment feel significant. The challenge of managing upgrades and navigating a hostile environment keeps the experience engaging.

  • Jesse Jager in Cleopatra's Curse
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    Players control Jesse Jager, navigating through labyrinthine levels, battling foes, and solving puzzles to uncover the mysteries of Cleopatra’s tomb. The game features various enemies like bats, mummies, and cobras that players must overcome while finding keys to unlock new areas.

    Shopkeepers and save points are strategically placed, providing necessary supplies and checkpoints to manage the demanding journey. Combat involves mastering different weapons, such as a whip and a boomerang, which are also used for navigating the environment. The intricate level design requires critical thinking and thorough exploration, with many areas accessible only after gaining certain abilities. The game’s vast world and the need for backtracking reward players who invest time and effort into mastering its challenges.

  • Vector Blade
    50.00 USD
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    Vector Blade on the Vectrex immerses players in a top-down shooter experience with over 100 levels and four boss fights. Enemies drop power-ups and credits that enhance your ship’s capabilities, allowing for continuous upgrades. The vector graphics provide a crisp, clear visual experience, making every shot and explosion distinct.

    The game introduces complex enemy patterns and challenging boss fights, including huge beetles and UFOs. Collecting letters spells “extra” to trigger bonus stages, adding a strategic layer to the gameplay. Players navigate meteor showers and other dynamic hazards, which keeps the gameplay varied and engaging. Unique features like capturing enemies with a beam to increase firepower add depth to the arcade shooter mechanics.

  • Supercooked
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    SuperCooked brings the chaotic fun of Overcooked to the SNES. This retro-inspired game captures the essence of cooperative gameplay, where players must work together to prepare and serve meals under time constraints. The game supports up to four players, who control baby chicks in different colors, navigating kitchens to gather ingredients, cook, and assemble dishes.

    The game introduces various challenges such as slippery ice floors and moving obstacles, making each level a unique test of coordination and timing. Cooking tasks include cutting, boiling, grilling, and assembling ingredients into finished dishes. The SNES version retains the core gameplay loop of the original Overcooked, making it an accessible yet engaging experience.