January 28, 2023

17. Blue chat of death

Broken ankles and toes make it in this caffeinated late-night episode, together with the Analogue pocket, Chat GPT and much more. We explore Nescape (NES), some Bruce Lee sequels (Commodore 64), Tanzer for Sega Megadrive and we touch on Piopow (NES), Ghost chase, Portal 2 and the usual Children of Morta. We also go on a tangent and ramble on about big game producers in retro gaming!

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  • NEScape
    10.00 USD
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    In this NES escape room game, players are immersed in a series of interconnected puzzles that demand keen observation and logical thinking. The environment is packed with hidden clues and mechanisms that must be activated in sequence to progress. Each puzzle is intricately designed to build on the knowledge gained in previous challenges, enhancing the sense of accomplishment as players unlock new areas. The integration of a timer not only heightens the tension but also tests the player’s ability to manage stress and think under pressure. The game cleverly uses the NES’s limited graphical capabilities to create puzzles that are both visually deceptive and intellectually stimulating.

  • Tanzer
    49.99 USD
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    “Tanzer” on the Sega Mega Drive features a dynamic combat system where players can chain attacks together while leaping from enemy to enemy, creating exhilarating action sequences. As players advance through the game, they encounter a variety of enemies, each requiring different strategies to defeat. The game’s upgrade system allows for customization of the protagonist’s abilities, tailoring gameplay to individual styles. Levels are designed with multiple paths and secrets, encouraging exploration and replayability. The boss battles are particularly noteworthy, each presenting unique challenges that test all of the skills and upgrades players have accumulated.

  • Bruce Lee 2

    This sequel revitalizes the nostalgic charm of its predecessor with enhanced graphics and gameplay mechanics that breathe new life into the classic formula. Players traverse familiar yet refreshed environments that challenge them with a variety of new obstacles, requiring both strategy and quick reflexes. A significant addition is the ability to swim, adding depth to exploration and combat, creating novel interactions within the game’s world. The game retains the iconic music and pixel-art style, preserving the retro feel while offering modern gameplay elements. Faster enemies and more complex puzzles ensure a satisfyingly challenging experience that builds upon the legacy of the original martial arts adventure.

  • Bruce Lee return of fury

    Set in an atmospherically decayed version of the original game’s locations, this title offers a darker, more gritty experience. The game stays true to the fast-paced combat and platforming of its predecessor while introducing new environmental puzzles and tougher enemies that move faster and pose greater challenges. The classic soundtrack enhances the new, grittier visual theme, maintaining the emotional connection while supporting the evolved gameplay. A notable new feature is the three-player mode, which transforms the experience by allowing competitive or cooperative play, adding depth to the multiplayer aspects. This sequel captures the essence of the classic and enriches it with fresh, engaging content, making it a compelling continuation of the iconic series.