17 June 2023
Interview: Protovision 64
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In this episode we take a break from the usual format and talk to Malte (aka Thunderblade) from publisher Protovision 64 to find out more of their world and endeavours. Diego, Wiedo and myself also talk about one of the publisher's game each: Sam's journey, Muddy racers and Cursed Tomb, all for the most popular microcomputer of the 80s, the Commodore 64!
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  • Cursed Tomb
    4.99EUR - 35.00EUR (17 June 2023)
    Unleash your inner Indiana Jones as you explore your way through ancient graves of unknown origins on your C64.
  • Muddy Racers
    5.99EUR - 45.00EUR (17 June 2023)
    Zoom through 18 different tracks across three stages filled with tight turns, long straights, off road hazards and crazy jumps! Up to four players can join the the fun on your C64!
  • Sam's Journey
    19.99EUR - 50.00EUR (17 June 2023)
    This platformer is one of the most ambitious projects for the C64!

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